Twice Signal Teaser Campaign (pt 1)

JYP Entertainment has recently released a schedule of their teaser campaign for Twice’s fast approaching comeback, Signal. The schedule was 14 days of teasers leading up to 15th May, and I have decided to cover it because I personally felt that it was executed brilliantly.

Our first taste of the teasers were the revelation of 3 different versions of albums as well as the pre-order benefits associated with it. The benefits are similar to previous ones, with every pre-ordered album coming with a pack of unique photocards and a poster. More notably, each album will contain 1 photocard, 1 special photocard, and 1 photo. Some fans (including yours truly) were understandably surprised by this due to the fact that they would have to spend a fair amount of money just to collect full sets of everything. However, protest quickly turned to cheer after the release of what they looked like. I was really impressed by how good they looked, especially the special photocards, making spending money them much more satisfying.

A track list was also let free into the world and upon closer inspection, showed that Jihyo and Chaeyoung were the sole writers of the song Eyes Eyes Eyes. Needless to say, this is a really good opportunity for the leader of Twice as well as their baby rapper to show the world what they’ve got.

More teasers were soon to come, mostly following a pattern for the next couple of days. JYP Entertainment has been releasing teasers at 12am(KST) and 6pm(KST) for this entire teaser gauntlet. The midnight releases for the first half were of seemingly normal images of the Twice members, dressed up in dark blue clothes and doing the signatue Signal handsigns. But with the coming of the evening releases, it was made apparent that the members were not your average collection of pretty girls.

It was hinted (rather obviously might I add) that the girls had superpowers! Running a large selection of powers from time controllers to duplicators, this was definitely an interesting concept for Twice to tackle. 

Second serving of tofu anyone?

On the flip side of things, there were fandoms (who I would rather not name) who accused JYP of “stealing” their groups’ concept. My take on this is I personally do not believe that any concept cannot be solely claimed by any one group. The way I see it is that k-pop is meant to bring joy to the fans, and it only makes sense for groups to want to try concepts that they think their fans would enjoy. Groups that may have pioneered certain concepts or styles should be happy that their creative venture was so successful that others want to try it as well.

Last but not least for the first seven days of teasers, a V App stream was teased and released. The live stream (now video on demand) showed the girls being their bubbly selves as usual. And to the more attentive viewers, there are plenty of spoilers for choreography as well as lyrics in the video.

This wraps up my thoughts for the first 7 days of the Signal teaser campaign and I have to say I’m more excited than ever. JYP does a fine job of releasing just the right amount of tease to make you keep coming back for more day after day.

– Sir Quack


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