Twice Signal Teaser Campaign (pt2)

I’m back and excited as ever for the second and final part of my coverage of JYP Entertainment’s campaign for Twice’s Signal comeback! This post will cover the teasers that were dropped from 8 May up till the long awaited release of Signal itself.

The first three days of teasers were fairly easy to grasp and embodied the meaning of the word “teaser” in it’s entirety. Video teasers were released at midnight giving viewers a short moment’s glance at the Twice members in a forest, looking as though they were curious of something. But during the last couple of seconds, specific members had their super powers caught in action which was a pleasant surprise. Other than this, the videos left fans puzzled and things eventually snowballed to poking fun at the girls’ hairdos and their 1970s disco scene inspired clothing.

In the evening, the girls’ super powers were revealed with a series of individual images depicting the girls demonstrating their abilities in frilly outfits. Thus thoroughly satisfying the curiosity of fans who have been yearning to get confirmation on the girls’ powers for so long.

Little Known Fact: Momo gained her powers by running through my mind daily

The next teaser was a unique one to say the least. During a V-app earlier on in the day, Nayeon and Momo dropped a “spoiler” on that night’s teaser video. They told viewers that the teaser would have Nayeon in it, getting fans riled up as their excitement grew. But when the midnight teaser finally arrived, it was cleared that we have all fallen to NaMo’s little prank.

We should have known, just look at that cheeky grin!

The video showed a creepy blue alien interacting with a white rabbit, nothing more nothing less. Containing no underlying soundtrack teaser as well, fans were left stumped once again. But little did we know, that creepy blue alien would soon play a bigger role than we expected.

Two audio teasers were also released, the first being a Signal specific teaser and the second being a medley of the whole mini album. From the teaser, Signal sounds upbeat with Twice’s rhythmic “Hey! Hey!”s accenting a thick and catchy bass line.

Moving on to the album medley, it sounds like it follows the foot steps of previous Twice albums. With an addictive title song to lead the way, the mini album also offers several other tracks that shows of Twice’s versatility when it comes to music style. The girls can be heard performing refreshing titles as well as slower, more heart felt pieces in the teaser.

Perhaps the most noteworthy of the teasers these past few days would be the music video teaser. We get to see the members of Twice move through what looks to be a school corridor to gather in front of classroom.

In the classroom there was a seated solitary figure, our creepy blue friend is back! He seems to be dressed similarly with our members which leads me to suspect a few things about the upcoming music video.

If you look closely at the decor of the school, you can spot various spacey things which I can only assume are intentional hints towards its uniqueness. This coupled with the fact that our young super heroines are seen desperately trying to garner the attention of our dapper blue buddy, leads me to think that they have an intergalactic crush!

ONCEs trying to get a sneak peek at Signal

The final teaser was recently dropped, depicting Twice in 9 squared windows which is reminisce of the Knock Knock’s album art. With the girls looking beautiful, it brings this majestic teaser campaign to a close. Professionally managed, it tackled all bases, running the gamut from fan service to meme generation. JYP has once again proven that Twice are his golden girls in this era, and fans couldn’t be happier. Being less a day away from the release of Signal, lets all brace ourselves for what was teased to be yet another comeback that is one in a million.

– Sir Quack


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