Rookie Spotlight: Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐)

Dreamcatcher Group

It’s Rookie Spotlight! I’ve always wanted to do a segment where I write about younger or lesser known groups that I truly think deserve more attention, so I went ahead and did it.

The very first group that I will cover under my Rookie Spotlights would be none other than the Gothic themed, k-rock sounding girl group known as Dreamcatcher! Before I go into why I feel more people should give them a chance, we are going to have a little walk through of the history and formation of this group.

What’s unique about this group is that 5 of their members were formerly in a group called Minx, and have actually debuted under Happyface Entertainment back in 2014 with the song Why Did You Come To My Home. Unfortunately even though their debut track had a long title, they didn’t manage to see results as extensive. Their debut was in all fairness, decent. However it did not really have anything that really made them pop off and stand out from the rest of the competition. What made it worse for Minx was that their debut date was very close to the come back dates of several ruling parties of the K-pop world back in third-quarter 2014. Just to name a few, T-ara came back with Sugar Free, 2PM with Go Crazy, and perhaps the heaviest blow of all was the release of Holler by Girls’ Generation’s unit group TTS (TaeTiSeo).

In November 2016, Minx announced that it would take on 2 new members and that they would re-debut under a new name in 2017, Dreamcatcher. There were several groups that attempted this re-debut strategy in the past and the end results were enough to make some fans of Minx worry about the future of the group. Dreamcatcher was definitely huge change up from Minx. They went from sounding like a toned down version of f(x) to something that was really unique for a k-pop girl group.

Dreamcatcher debuted with the title song Chase Me and how different it sounded was a happy surprise for me. Chase Me takes on many similarities with the type of J-rock that you would hear as opening themes for Japanese anime. However what I found particularly notable was how they managed to convey a whole slew of emotions solely based of their music. What I especially enjoyed was their use of the piano during parts of the song that portrayed innocence and purity, followed by a heavier more powerful use of bass and guitar during the sections where the girls revealed their more sinister selves.

Besides the change in music style, Dreamcatcher also took on a completely different look to match their newfound genre. The members now boasted more Gothic themed wardrobes, as well as darker and more “intense” looking makeup which I felt was much more memorable than their former appearances as Minx.

Lastly, what really sealed the deal for me was watching their live performances. Dreamcatcher performed their rather powerful choreography with stunning precision, I might even go as far as to say that with a bit more practice they might actually be up Gfriend’s alley of having “knife-like” choreography! The only qualm I have for their live performances would be their weird bath-robe looking outfits. But I’m sure this matter can be resolved once their stylists’ budgets increase.

This sums up my thoughts on Dreamcatcher as an up and coming girl group. Additionally, they have recently came back in April with their second mini album with the title track Good Night, and I highly recommend giving that a shot as it is basically a direct upgrade of Chase me. Hopefully after reading this post, I can confidently say “welcome to my dream world” (you’ll get the reference if you listen to Good Night”) to more people in the future.

– Sir Quack


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