Sistar Group Coloured

It is a sad day indeed as the time has finally come for Sistar to release their very last song before disbandment and head their separate ways. Being there to remind South Koreans whenever Summer has come, I guess likewise, Summer will eventually have to go.

Starship Entertainment dropped the music video for Lonely on their Youtube channel, starshipTV, at 6pm Korean Standard Time today and it was quite unlike past releases. Sistar’s title tracks and music videos tend to be energetic and boasts dances with memorable points, but not for Lonely.

Lonely is a much more toned down song if you’d compare it to its predecessors Touch My Body and I Like That. In my opinion, the best way to describe this song would be to take 2NE1’s Goodbye as a comparison, in that Lonely is Sistar’s version. Using gentle acoustic guitar chords along with shakers and simple percussions, the song rides along a smooth and melodious wave of bass. The bass can really be appreciated during Bora’s rap verse and I personally think that it is a gorgeous execution of music.

In the video, the members can be seen to be having a vacation together, displaying the close bonds that still exists between the members. They are seen having fun together playing games, going shopping, eating together and even flashing each other.

Sistar Bora Flash
I wasn’t joking!

The song speaks about lovers that are breaking up and can be interpreted as Sistar’s goodbye message to their beloved STAR1s and is really worth a listen. Even if you were never the biggest Sistar fan, the song really displays their vocal talent. To wrap up this small post on a group that made a big impact in my k-pop journey, I will quote the acrostic poem left by Sistar in their final moments:

See you again
It’s not goodbye
Separate ways we may go
To achieve new dreams
All the memories together
Remember and cherish forever

Sistar backs.jpg

– Sir Quack


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