Rookie Spotlight: KARD (카드)

KARD Group
Left to Right: BM, Somin, Jiwoo, J.seph

I’ve been gone for awhile but here we are again with another Rookie Spotlight! Today’s topic is KARD, a co-ed group by DSP Media that was gaining fame internationally even before their debut for both their talent and their unique concept.

Being a co-ed group is quite a change up from popular groups of late, but what really caught my attention in the beginning was that they were promoting internationally before officially debuting. KARD dropped 3 project singles from late 2016 to mid 2017 titled Oh NaNa, Don’t Recall and RUMOR in that order. All three project singles mustered a staggering number of views on Youtube and really offered a new sound to the kpop scene. RUMOR even charted #1 on the iTunes main charts in 13 different countries including the United States, Singapore and even El Salvador.

If you thought that was impressive, KARD also held their first Wild K.A.R.D tour in America before their scheduled debut date. Many groups take quite some time before ever touring out of Korea, but KARD was already turning heads abroad as “trainees”.

First Wild KARD.jpg

But if an amazing track record is not enough to make you check them out, I’ll touch on their actual music. KARD has been doing well in house music in my opinion and their very first project single, Oh NaNa, is a great entry song for any soon to be Hidden Kards.

Officially debuting with the title track Hola Hola on July 19, KARD has already reached over 4 millions views on the Youtube. Hola Hola is far more relaxed than their project single predecessors and is definitely the summer track that it is marketed to be. If you prefer more “edgy” sounding house music or if you’re not a big fan of “chill” house, I would I highly recommend starting your KARD journey with Oh NaNa.

And lastly, as my parting paragraph, KARD will be continuing their Wild K.A.R.D tour in America as well as Europe this September! So if you’re interested in seeing them live be sure to plan for your tickets, they sell out real quick!

– Sir Quack


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