Rookie Spotlight: KARD (카드)

I’ve been gone for awhile but here we are again with another Rookie Spotlight! Today’s topic is KARD, a co-ed group by DSP Media that was gaining fame internationally even before their debut for both their talent and their unique concept. Being a co-ed group is quite a change up from popular groups of late,… Continue reading Rookie Spotlight: KARD (카드)


It is a sad day indeed as the time has finally come for Sistar to release their very last song before disbandment and head their separate ways. Being there to remind South Koreans whenever Summer has come, I guess likewise, Summer will eventually have to go. Starship Entertainment dropped the music video for Lonely on… Continue reading [MV] SISTAR 씨스타 – LONELY

Rookie Spotlight: Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐)

It’s Rookie Spotlight! I’ve always wanted to do a segment where I write about younger or lesser known groups that I truly think deserve more attention, so I went ahead and did it. The very first group that I will cover under my Rookie Spotlights would be none other than the Gothic themed, k-rock sounding… Continue reading Rookie Spotlight: Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐)

Twice Signal Teaser Campaign (pt 1)

JYP Entertainment has recently released a schedule of their teaser campaign for Twice’s fast approaching comeback, Signal. The schedule was 14 days of teasers leading up to 15th May, and I have decided to cover it because I personally felt that it was executed brilliantly. Our first taste of the teasers were the revelation of… Continue reading Twice Signal Teaser Campaign (pt 1)